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Proximity Sensor Solutions

Proximity Sensors: New Value Line - Exceptionally priced Inductive Sensors.
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Our proximity sensors are of the highest quality, durability & repeatability to meet today's tough industrial requirements. We provide a wide range of proximity sensors to meet all types of applications.

Proximity sensors detect the presence of an object without physical contact. Typical applications include the control, detection, position, inspection and automation of machine tools and manufacturing systems. They are also used in the following machinery: packaging, production, printing, plastic molding, metal working, food processing, etc.

How do they work? see Operating Principles

Inductive Sensors
Detection of metallic objects

Capacitive Sensors
Detection of metallic and non-metallic objects

Magnetic Sensors
Detects the presence of permanent magnets

Photoelectric Sensors
Use light sensitive elements to detect objects
Rotation Controls Connector Cord Sets

30-Day Test & Evaluation

Any standard unit in our Proximity Sensors catalog is available for test and evaluation for up to 30 days. If it does not meet your needs the item may be returned (within 30 days) for a full credit against the original invoice, providing the unit is in its original condition & packaging. 30-day test and evaluation orders must be specified at the time of order. Full credit applies to standard shipping only.


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